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Computer Aided Design

We accept most forms of Computer Aided Design/Dafting file formats, but prefer DXF.  We can take a hand-drawing on paper, chalkboard, phone photo etc and convert it into a CAD file for your review and approval.  We can review a CAD file that you provide for consideration.  We will ensure that the file is really what you want, and that there are no interferences or items that are impossible to create, or wont work like you intend, including tolerances etc.  The image above is a CAD drawing of a flange on the left, and the actual flange cut from 304 stainless steel on the right.  The CAD software shown above is available free from Dassault Systemes for use by hobbyists and students.

Specialty trailer fabrication

Custom Fabrication

We can machine parts from various types of steel, aluminum, stainless, and other metals. We can cut parts using our CNC plasma table, CNC mill, Bridgeport mill, or 18" manual lathe. We can use your existing drawing or create one from your design.

TIG weld bolt flange on no-longer-available engine part

MIG/TIG Welding

We have years of experience with welding and fabricating parts, systems and mechanical devices of various designs from fabrication of a no-longer-available antique firetruck pump shaft to safety stairwell for an aviation system maintenance facility.  The picture above is a repair of a collector car engine broken timing cover that is no longer commercially available.

We are located near Huntsville, Alabama not far from Madison County Lake.  We serve customers all over the North Alabama Southern Middle Tennessee area, and some even as far away as Colorado Springs, Co.

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